Ensure Your Identity with The Biometric Technology

Our Platform

IDs can be hijacked and cards can be faked; steer clear from security breaches through biometric identification. A person’s body part like face, iris, and fingerprints are almost impossible to steal, forget, lose, or compromise, thus providing superior security and better convenience as compared to traditional authentications and procedures. Gain confidence in safety and accountability to track audit trails that’s time and cost efficient. Get increased security, accuracy, and reliability with BioMat.

BioMat is a copyrighted platform of MultiSys that simplifies biometrics capture and matching systems development that integrates the face, iris, fingerprints, and signature.

Advantages and Features:

Security Measures Guard against fraudulent activities and anomalies through individual authentication
Human Resource Tracking Transparency and accountability on employee attendance is efficient and foolproof
Civil Identification Register big populations and lessen the need to prove one’s identity

The platform can be used by but not limited to the following:

– Government Sectors

– Financial Institutions

– Human Resources and Recruitment Services

– Security Services

– Aviation companies

– Shipping Providers

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