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Laoag City, Philippines – The Covid-19 crisis and restrictions prompted a team of young, brilliant and innovative Narvacaneos to come up…

Laoag Philippines – One of Philippines’ Biggest and Multi-awarded Cooperatives, Sacred Heart Savings Cooperative. Partner..



E - Commerce Website

Dr. J Wellness Hub is a community that knows how to live a healthy lifestyle and have fun while at it. We understand that healthy living isn’t that simple, or even remotely affordable, and we’re here to offer a way out. Easy on the conscience, easy on convenience, and easy on your coin purses – our fruit smoothies are low-cal, guilt-free and insta-prep.


E - Commerce Website

Dubbed as “The Millenial Hardware”, it aims to influence progressive innovations in neighborhood hardwares.  On June 8, 2020, we launched the online store with the aim to provide convenient and safe way of buying items from the store. It is an ordering & delivery system in one with service areas covering the 4 big cities of Cebu. The system also has cashless option through Direct Bank Transfer & GCash. This is Balay Panday 3.2.


Mobile App Development

Pandalivery is a food, grocery, medicine, and shopping delivery service. Conveniently live life with Pandalivery!

Key features:

  • Enjoy Discounts promo using promo codes.
  • Shopping made easy! You can now shop using the Pandalivery App. More partners coming soon!
  • Medicine delivery has been added on the Pandalivery app. Medicines on the go!
  • Groceries made easy with Pandalivery! You can now order groceries.
  • FAST and EASY user interface
  • Pin and save delivery addresses using Delivery Location Picker
  • Receive order status via push notifications
  • Receive real time rider location feedback
  • Scheduled delivery for non-food establishment

Mobile App Development

Quetap is an innovative application that allows you to queue and keep track of your serving status online eliminating the hassle of physically lining which saves you a lot of quality time, effort and money.


One Stop App for Queues: It caters to multiple industries and services. Whenever you have to queue we can help you.

Queue for a later Date : Manage your time properly by planning schedules ahead. Now you can be more productive with just a touch of a button.

Queue Cancellation : Got something urgent and important that needs to be attended? No worries we’ve got you covered as long as it is really that important.

Monitor Queue Online : No more wasting time lining up when you can keep track of your queuing status online.

Keep a Record of your Queues : Never miss a scheduled booking by looking at your queue history.

Queue Scanning by Location : Know which establishment to queue from that is near you. Nothing is more convenient than getting a bigger picture of where you will be heading.


DSWD Kalahi

Mobile App Development

Geo-tagging in KC-NCDDP is simply the method of capturing images and location information of the program’s subprojects on field. The program staff from the national, regional and municipal level have been practicing this data collection technique through a walk-over survey since 2012. The captured data are processed by using several google desktop applications such as Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Drive, and Picasa. Images of horizontal subprojects and tracks of vertical subprojects in JPEG and KML format are submitted to the NPMO through electronic mails. At the NPMO level, Google Earth is used to view the image and to check if the location of subproject images are correct based on its engineering description. The confirmation of approval and feed backing across the NPMO, RPMO, SRPMO and ACT/LGU staff are also carried out using electronic mails. However, the program’s expansion from 300 to 800 municipalities made the whole process of geo-tagging difficult to conduct, manage and monitor. As a result, a geo-tagging web application is developed to make the submission, checking, approval and publishing of geo-tagged output fast and convenient for the program staff at all levels.

NDRRMC Batingaw

Mobile App Development

The NDRRMC mobile applications software “BATINGAW” is designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. The name “BATINGAW” is a Pilipino word for “siren or alarm”. It is downloadable and free of charge intended for the public and focuses on disaster awareness and management.

The objectives are as follows:

  1. Provide handy electronic resources to the public that can be utilize in times of emergencies.
  2. Increase public awareness on the fundamentals of Disaster Risk Reduction and areas for information-sharing that can be incorporated in actions needed to future emergencies.
  3. Use key learning points for preparedness activities such as knowledge for individuals and their respective family members before, during and after disasters.

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