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Our Platform

Given the fast-paced customer demand for goods and services, keeping track of inventory and finances can be hard. The surge of different payment method types such as e-wallets via QR code, credit and debit cards, also increases the need to innovate as customers are opting to go cashless. Move ahead where you can simplify your sales and customers can confidently pay even without cash through point-of-sale system. Expand your customer reach and sales with iPOS.

iPOS is a copyrighted platform of MultiSys for centralized payment collection system that supports integration of modules for basic financing, distribution, sales, inventory, basic accounting, and small-medium enterprise (SME) management.

Advantages and Features:

Power at your Fingertips Transact everywhere you go with just a mobile POS device
Manage Smart Monitor and track inventories and finances in one look
Grow Strong Boost you sales and cover multiple types of payment methods

The platform can be used by but not limited to the following:

– Industries in fast-moving consumer goods

– Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Drugstores

– Restaurants

– Gasoline stations

– Government sectors

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