Governing Made Simple

Our Platform

When the Philippine population has been steadily growing and so does the need to avail government services, the operations can get mounting pressures between supply and demand. Take control of the fast-paced technology to make processes beneficial for everybody. Simplify documentations, function efficiently, and ultimately save expenditures. Make a difference in the public service experience with MeGov.

MeGov is a platform of MultiSys for government online services. Applicable for online registration, renewal and appointment system. The platform has the capability to support paperless transactions and streamline government processes

Advantages and Features:

Process Improvement Restructure internal processes to efficient service
Asset Management Secure all public data, records, and history
Application Integration Connect each service and transactions in one system
Flexible Modification Include security patching and customize platform according to the needs

The platform can be used by but not limited to the following:

– Central and state government sectors

– Government contribution agencies

– Federal agencies

– Local government units

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