Pay at Your Fingertips

Our Platform

Busy is the new norm nowadays and when everything is deemed necessary, convenience is utmost needed. Especially during peak hours of payment transactions, long queues are not only annoying for customers but stressful for the operations as well. Don’t short change your customers of service but instead accommodate them round the clock minus the hassle and operational expenses. Transform your transaction worries to accepting payments real-time, easily, and efficiently with PayBox.

PayBox is a copyrighted hardware and platform of MultiSys that is an automated payment machine for self-service payment transactions.

Advantages and Features:

Secure Secure payments including transactions that’s equipped with camera and fingerprint scanners
Adaptable From wide range of payment methods to specific type printing, customize your payment machine according to your business needs
Convenient Extra manpower is not needed aside from replenishing the cash in the machine every now and then.

The platform can be used by but not limited to the following:

– City halls, baranggay offices, and local government extension offices

– Condominiums and residential apartment buildings

– Commercial buildings and industrial spaces

– Convenience and grocery stores

– Gasoline stations

– Payment centers

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