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Our Platform

Financial analytics and consumption monitoring are the prime elements to keep business going for utility industries. Keeping up with data and the increasing demand for utility consumption can be hard to manage all together. When the population is expanding, so does the number of household increases and the demand for basic utility consumption. Make productivity necessary while supplying basic necessities with UBOX.

UBOX is a copyrighted platform of MultiSys for power, water, and cable utility companies to handle extensive data whether accounts, financials, and consumer reports.

Advantages and Features:

Data Tracking Audit utility consumer consumption and finances instantaneously
Report Summary Accessible analytics to help create better insight on what matters
Dynamic Worry-free with multiple user accounts and increasing demands

The platform can be used by but not limited to the following:

– Power and water companies

– Electric industries

– Water suppliers

– Telecom companies

– Cable companies

– Property and real-estate companies

– Internet providers

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