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The habit of shopping online is thriving fast and managing package deliveries nationwide and overseas can get chaotic. When most purchase transactions are done at an internet speed, this means delivery services can get busy as ever. Embark on a digital transformation that can drive efficiency from freight forwarding to shipment logistics and tracking. Innovate processes and integrate with more partners on a software that can provide you both. From supplier to customer, be in between and cover all your forwarding processes with MIDDLE.

MIDDLE is a copyrighted platform of MultiSys that provides door-to-door delivery with tracking services.

Advantages and Features:

Cover Mileage Organize trips automatically with details and compliances
Easy Operation Over see shipments and assign drivers with multiple loads
Track Income Manage invoicing, billings, and cash flows
All-Inclusive Combine any kind of freight forward may it be rail, air, truck, and maritime operations

The platform can be used by but not limited to the following:

– Private Companies in the transport, trucking, warehousing, and logistics sector

– Government Sectors

– Companies that need supply-chain management

– Consumer good online sellers that needs delivery

– Freight forwarders

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