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Paper tickets, tokens, and smart cards are just a few of the transportation ticketing systems available in the Philippines. However, with the rapid expansion of smartphones that most commuters use while on transit, setting the ticketing system on mobile saves time, money, and manual labor. Allow passengers to pay their ride, book a destination, and scan through security gates effortlessly through their smartphone. Get onboard on the mobile ticketing solution with TransBox.

TransBox is a platform of MultiSys designed for transport network vehicle management, e.g. registration, booking, route mapping, e-payment, and client-feedback.

Advantages and Features:

Time Efficient Commuters won’t need to fall in line to pay for the ride
Cost Efficient Lessen expenses for resources such as paper tickets and tokens
Work Efficient Employees can further focus more on security and customer support

The platform can be by used but not limited to the following:

– Government utility vehicle and railway providers

– Carpooling and car sharing organizations

– Car rental industries

– Airline industries

– Bus and other transport companies

– Ferry booking agencies

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